An excellent essay is based on facts with details on sources of the information in the paper. The first step to submitting impeccable content is coming up with a plan. You need to identify all the relevant facts that your professor needs. Start with an outline to ensure that your ideas flow flawlessly. Every country has unique geographical features, practices, or wildlife that attracts both domestic and international tourists. Therefore, an essay on tourism in a specific country should include the nature of tourism and how it contributes to the economy of that particular country. Through this article, you are going to learn about how to write an essay on Indian tourism. That includes information on how to promote the industry and ecotourism.

Learn how to write an essay on promoting tourism in India

Every essay should start with a brief introduction. You can begin by explaining what tourism is and what contribution it makes to a country’s economy. The first paragraph should be short, simple, and relevant to the topic. Conclude it by telling the reader what the essay is about. The introduction should be fascinating to encourage the reader to continue reading. Start the second paragraph by stating facts about the topic. For example, tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earner in India. Include more information about its contribution to the country’s economy through the creation of employment opportunities and the promotion of peace and national integration. It is vital to focus on the unique things in India. Focus on the Indian people’s extensive cultural practices, food, and fascinating destinations. These include the Marble Mountains, Bird Sanctuary, Taj Mahal, and the City of Canals, among others. That should help you specify the kind of tourists that the country attracts.

Creating an essay on tourist destination and development of tourism in India

¬†Using reliable statistical information about the competitiveness of the industry and its growth rate, you can give the reader a clear picture of the country’s potential. Explain why the Indian government must promote tourism. Start by pointing out the most unusual things that the government is doing to boost the industry. You can mention campaigns, improvement of infrastructure to promote accessibility, availing more lodging, and expansion through the availability of health and wellness tourism. The ministry is also promoting eco-tourism through the conservation of eco-sensitive zones. What is ecotourism, and why is it important? Mention the states involved in its promotion and how they are doing it. Conclude by suggesting other effective ways through which the government can promote the industry.¬†

essay on tourism in india 300 words

After providing all the relevant details, you can now conclude your essay. The final paragraph should summarize the essential information in your work. Keep it short but detailed and exciting. Ensure that you leave the reader satisfied that they have all the details that they require. You should also work to avail of unique and reliable information. Use information from dependable sources. These could be documentaries, government research journals, and previewed scholarly articles, among others. Cite all sources of information and create a reference list according to the instructions provided by your professor. That helps avoid plagiarism. Finally, make sure that the number of words is within the required limit.